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What is happening to some people

So much violence…..anymore. Tonight a young lady was shot and killed in a small town in Texas. Last week in another town in Texas 3 unconnected suicides. The week before, 2 more suicides.  All of these sensless deaths occured in young people between the age of 19 -24.


The World Seems To Be In Such Pain

I like to keep up with what is going on in my hometown, so I read Topix and the local newspaper on a continous basis. As I began to read the other night I was saddened at the happenings in my hometown. Within hours three serious car wrecks had taken place and an accident that had taken a young mans life.  The previous week I read of three different incidents of shootings. I asked my self what has happened; it seems as though many trials are taking place in so many peoples lives.  If you have your loved ones and your health Count your Blessing.

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Rambling on………………..

As many of you have noticed I have not narrowed my blogs to one subject. I feel why limit yourself, when one has so many interest.

Feeling Blessed

I am certainly feeling blessed today. After looking for a job for over a year, the Lord brought a job to me  just as I had given up hope. So strange I would have never thought of this type of work.


Most people  either love pageant or hate pageants,very few have neutral feeling about them.   What are you’re thoughts?

Suggested article: Dallas/Ft. Worth Pageant Mother Interviewed/Pageant Kings

I think I can, I think I can!

Here lately I feel like the little engine who could. The uphill journey is hard, but with each step I make it a little closer to the top (goal).

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Random Post – Should Christians Celebrate “Easter”?

As I started to write on an assignment one night, I came across the title, ” How Do Christians Celebrate Easter?” I thought, alright this will be an easy write. As I started writing I soon found out that it was not as easy as I had thought. I keep having a problem with the title, Christians celebrate, hmmm. If you are interested in seeing how the article turned out you can find it at:  Happy reading.

Getting Paid To Do Things You Normally Do

Do you want to get paid to watch videos, play games, post to forums, give your opinion, search the internet, or read your emails? In the next few days I will be blogging on how you can do that from the comfort of your home.